Sausages can be a nice treat for a weekend breakfast enjoyed as part of a full cooked breakfast or as a tasty sausage sandwich with your favourite sauce!

Did you know?sausage bap

  • In one year we eat approximately 175,000 tonnes of sausages, worth £487 million.
  • 88% of British households buy sausages, 50% at least every 4 weeks.
  • Every day 5 million Britons will eat sausages but more sausages are eaten on a Saturday than any other day
  • Sausages should be cooked slowly over a medium heat and should not be pricked as this lets the flavour out.
  • Sausage machines can fill sausages at a rate of 1½ miles an hour
  • Sausages were called bangers during the Second World War because they contained so much water they exploded when fried.
  • Queen Victoria was fond of sausages but insisted that the meat be hand chopped rather than minced.
  • The world record for the longest sausage measured 59.14 km (36.75 miles) and was made by J.J. Tranfield, South Yorkshire, 27-29 October 2000.
  • Cumbrian farmer Gary McClure was awarded the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest Cumberland sausage ring. Measuring 3.3m in diameter, it smashed the previous record of 1.5m. Weighing in at 135kg, it took six and a half hours to produce and 90 minutes to cook.

For more information about sausages including recipes please visit the Love Pork website.