Our Breakfast Foods

The Shake Up Your Wake Up campaign is run on behalf of the 35,000 arable farmers in the UK growing cereals such as wheat, oats and barley which go into foods like bread and breakfast cereals.

On average each year, the UK produces:

  • 15 million tonnes of wheat
  • 7 million tonnes of barley
  • 600,000 tonnes of oats

Cereal yields have tripled in the last 50 years - in fact Britain holds the world record for wheat yield.

Oatsoats in growing in field

There are 124,000 hectares of oats grown in the UK – that's bigger than the county of Berkshire!

Oats go into a variety of foods enjoyed at breakfast, from porridge through to muesli, granola and smoothies. Oats contain high levels of soluble fibre, which act as a sponge, soaking up cholesterol levels.

Wheatwheat growing in field

What does wheat have in common with Wales? The amount of land dedicated to growing this crop in the UK is nearly the size of Wales, that’s 1.9 million hectares! Wheat is used to make bread, breakfast cereals and other baked goods such as muffins and crumpets.

A wheat seed contains 20,000 grains of flour, which help make the 10 million loaves of bread baked in Britain every day!

Harvest Video

Watch this video: the story of wheat and whole grain foods, told by farmer James Price during August 2015 harvest:

Animal Feed

Animal feedOver 40% of the UK cereal crop is used to feed animals including pigs, chickens and cows which help produce other breakfast foods such as eggs, bacon, sausages and dairy foods.

We produce more cereals than we need in the UK, therefore over 20% of the UK wheat crop and 15-20% of the UK barley crop is exported.

Use the links below to find out more about our staple breakfast foods: