Activities & Game Ideas

Make sure breakfast club is a fun place to be and encourage children to interact with one another with some of the activities suggested below.

Design a healthy breakfast

Use our healthy breakfast plate template (PDF) to ask the children to draw what they believe is a healthy breakfast. This can then generate a discussion about healthy breakfast foods and the different types of foods that should make up our diet – you can use the Eatwell plate (PDF) to help.

The Breakfast Games

Link healthy eating with exercise and try some of our games including egg and spoon race and toss the toast challenge! You may want to tie this in with the first lesson of the day to allow more time.

Download the breakfast games pack (PDF)

Pen a breakfast song!

Ask the children to write a song or poem about their favourite breakfast. They could then perform their song as part of a school assembly.

Interactive Games

Get the children to play our fun and interactive games to help teach them about where their breakfast foods come from. Just click on the links below to either play the games online or download a PDF to print out.

Growing our wheat

Find out how wheat is grown and the different foods which are made from it.


Where does bread come from?

Put the different stages in order to make a loaf of bread


Food on a plate

Do you know what you're eating? Do you have a healthy diet? Try our interactive food plate and find out.


Breakfast wordsearch

Can you find all the words related to breakfast and where breakfast foods come from?