Why breakfast?

Posted 14.10.2013 in Breakfast Week

Why breakfast?

As we put our plans together for Farmhouse Breakfast Week, it’s important to remember that amidst all the fun, celebrations and awards there is an important message – and that is that a healthy breakfast really does matter.

Although it’s a simple meal to prepare and takes little time to eat, research has shown that nearly half of us skip breakfast at some point during the week. But we should all be giving our bodies and brain a boost in the morning – and eating a healthy breakfast is the way to do that. There are good reasons why it’s called the most important meal of the day!

Eating breakfast tops up your energy stores for the day and helps to regulate blood sugar. Breakfast boosts our brains with much needed nutrients, helping not only with our concentration levels for the day ahead but also with our mood, meaning we’re all less grumpy after a healthy breakfast. There is even evidence to link eating breakfast with a smaller waistline too. So the message from us is that breakfast really does make you healthier and happier.

Whether you choose to eat breakfast at home or at your desk, making time for breakfast really can make a difference to your day so here are some of our top tips:

  • To help keep you full and give you maximum energy, combine protein such as yogurt, milk and eggs with a carbohydrate such as cereal, oats or bread.
  • Wholegrain cereals or toast can help you feel fuller for longer. A simple bowl of cereal with milk is an easy way to top up your calcium, iron, fibre and B vitamins.
  • Try and get one of your ‘5-a-day’ of fruit and veg in early if you can, a glass of fruit juice, a handful of berries, some tomatoes, baked beans or a banana are just a few easy ways to do this.
  • Pack a portable breakfast and take it with you: from a piece of toast or a muffin through to some cereal to have in the office.

You can find out more here about the benefits of breakfast.

PS. Do you get your oats?

This week is National Cholesterol Week (14th - 20th October) and on top of the other benefits of breakfast, oat based dishes such as porridge and muesli can also play a part in maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol. This is because oats are nutritious wholegrains that contain the soluble fibre beta-glucan, which has been shown to help lower cholesterol (EFSA). There’s more information on oats atwww.allaboutoats.com or check out our porridge recipes – we’ve got a great selection from Cranberry Spiced Porridge to our brand new Banana & Blueberry Porridge. Recent sales figures show that half of us our porridge eaters already so it appears that porridge is once again a breakfast favourite. For us it was never anything else!