What breakfast is right for you?

Posted 10.12.2015 in Breakfast Week

What breakfast is right for you?

Modern life means we all have demands on our time – and it can seem like there’s little time to make and eat breakfast before heading out of the house. That shouldn’t mean that breakfast gets forgotten – especially as there are so many quick and easy choices – but which breakfast is right for you?

We’ve teamed up with UK dietitian Nichola Whitehead to bring you a new Mission Breakfast Guide to help you eat a healthy breakfast every day. The guide highlights the benefits of a number of breakfast ingredients, such as eggs, wholegrain cereals, fruit and milk, and provides suggestions for different lifestyles.

So whether you’re looking for a breakfast to enjoy at your desk, one for after a workout or for whole family to enjoy at home, head over to our Mission Breakfast pages and download the guide for yourself. You can also check out a series of videos from Nic showing how to make a range of breakfasts including Spanish Omelette, Banana and Blueberry Muffins, and Scrambled Eggs on Wholegrain Toast.

Our mission is to get everyone to rethink their morning routine and my ‘Mission Breakfast Guide will help you do just that and choose the right healthy breakfast for you – no matter what your morning routine.

Nichola Whitehead, Registered Dietitian