Vogue Williams' Mission Breakfast

Posted 16.12.2015 in Breakfast Week, Mission Breakfast

Vogue Williams' Mission Breakfast

This Breakfast Week we will be calling on everyone to rethink their breakfast as we launch 'Mission Breakfast'. First to take up the challenge is TV presenter and model Vogue Williams, who won the ITV Bear Gryll’s Mission Survive programme.

We challenged Vogue to prepare some quick and tasty breakfasts for three different scenarios:

  • An on-the-go breakfast to make in advance
  • Two breakfasts to enjoy post workout
  • A brunch to impress her friends.

Let's find out how she got on...

You can watch the full videos of Vogue's Mission Breakfast on our videos page and make sure you join us in January to rethink your breakfast during Breakfast Week (24 - 30th January).

I always feel healthier and happier when I eat breakfast. It’s my favourite meal of the day and I’m really glad to be involved in this year’s campaign because I’m learning lots of fresh ideas on how to shake up my mornings with breakfasts that I love.

Vogue Williams