Snack Attack

Posted 25.01.2013 in Breakfast Week

Snack Attack

If you’re watching your weight you may want to be wary of 10.47am. This is the time when Brits are most likely to reach for a mid morning snack and how healthy the snack is depends on whether you’ve eaten breakfast!

Launched today as part of Farmhouse Breakfast Week, new research* shows that one in ten people miss breakfast in a bid to lose weight, yet existing scientific research** shows that people who eat breakfast are more likely to be in their ideal weight range than breakfast skippers.

Farmhouse Breakfast Week research shows that those who miss breakfast are twice as likely to reach for a bag of crisps mid morning than people who eat breakfast. A breakfast skipper’s other snack of choice is a biscuit. Fruit is the preferred snack for people who eat breakfast.

Half of people skip breakfast at some point during the week, with 15 per cent not eating it at all. Aside from trying to lose weight, the other top reasons for missing breakfast are not feeling hungry first thing in the morning (50%) and preferring to spend more time in bed (21%).

When it comes to what the nation’s morning looks like, the average person’s alarm clock goes off at 6.53am during the week, with those who do eat breakfast tucking into a bowl of cereal (38%) or toast (27%) at 7.58am. Nearly half of us who do eat breakfast no longer eat it at the table, with people opting instead for the sofa (16%), eating while getting ready at home (7%) or at the office desk (7%).

Commenting on the new research, independent dietician Nigel Denby said: “People who eat a healthy breakfast have better concentration, more energy, tend to be less stressed and are less likely to be overweight. Despite the wealth of evidence about the benefits of eating breakfast, it’s shocking to see so many people missing out and that a large number of people are unclear about the benefits. For those who don’t feel hungry in the morning there are plenty of light breakfast options, such as smoothies or a bowl of cereal. If you start your day with a healthy balanced meal you are also more likely to make healthier food choices for the rest of the day.”

Farmhouse Breakfast Week is an industry wide campaign in its 14th year which champions the importance of breakfast. It is organised on behalf of farmers and producers. Every year hundreds of breakfast events take place around the country, including school breakfast clubs and workshops. for more information.