School Breakfast Clubs

Posted 02.04.2014 in Kids, Recipes

School Breakfast Clubs

Breakfast Clubs are big news right now. Increasing numbers of schools have a need for a breakfast club either because parents are looking for before-school care or because children are turning up at school too hungry to learn.

We've updated our information for School Breakfast Clubs to provide links to some of the charities who offer this provision, particularly to schools in low-income areas where at least 35% of the children who attend are entitled to free school meals. So, if your school doesn't already have a breakfast club but you are looking to set one up, it might be worth contacting these organisations in the first instance to see if they can help.

Already run a breakfast club?

We have a range of free resources and activities that can be ordered or downloaded to use at your club. There are a selection of posters to teach children about the variety of breakfast foods and how they are made, to the different foods eaten around the world for the first meal of the day. We've also got interactive games, a wordsearch and videos where you can follow George as he explores the Grain Chain.

If you are stuck for ideas for what to serve at breakfast club, we've provided some simple recipe ideas and suggestions for toast and porridge toppings. This will ensure the children are offered some choice and encourage them to try new flavours. Check out the guidelines issued by the Children's Food Trust to see which foods can be served in breakfast club.

What will help you?

We would love to hear how your breakfast club works and what benefits you see. We are also keen to know what additional information or resources would be useful to you on this website. Just leave a comment below telling us what would help you.