Porridge revealed as key to happiness

Posted 26.01.2016 in Breakfast Week, Mission Breakfast, Research

Porridge revealed as key to happiness

Eating porridge for breakfast is the key to happiness according to a new study into what our breakfast says about us, with breakfast skippers saying they are the most unhappy.

The research, carried out to celebrate Breakfast Week, also revealed those who eat muesli tend to be the best educated, with half having a Bachelors or Masters Degree or PHD.

Not only are porridge eaters the happiest but they also have the most close friends: porridge eaters have one more close friend than the average person, and two more than those that skip breakfast.

Dietitian Nichola Whitehead, has developed a new Mission Breakfast Guide to explain the importance of eating the right breakfast. The guide offers breakfast solutions suited to your lifestyle. Nichola said: “There are breakfasts out there to suit all sorts of lifestyles. Breakfast has been shown to make you healthier and happier and the results here seem to back that up as those that skipped breakfast described themselves as less happy than those that ate breakfast. It’s no coincidence that porridge eaters came top of the happiness chart as eating porridge helps the brain produce serotonin, a feel-good hormone which can keep our spirits up and appetites down.”

When it comes to our vehicles, the research shows that prestige saloon car drivers are most likely to eat muesli, estate owners eat breakfast bars and if you own an SUV then fruit and yogurt is your top breakfast.

Surprisingly fruit and yoghurt is also the breakfast of choice for rugby fans, while football fans are more partial to bacon and eggs. In contrast, those who partake in extreme sports are most likely to chomp on a breakfast bar. Those who like nights out, watching live bands or clubbing, were most likely to have eaten muesli for breakfast, while film fans tended to enjoy a cooked breakfast.

The research also revealed the top industries for employment for different breakfasts:Whilst what you eat for breakfast won’t necessarily dictate your life choices, ensuring you eat something in the morning is important for both short term and long term health. Breakfast can often be perceived as a necessity or a chore but this isn’t the case. The aim of Breakfast Week is to highlight the choice of easy, delicious breakfasts and encourage people to rethink breakfast – whether that’s by varying the toppings on their porridge or toast, or by trying something completely new.”

According to the study…

  • Happiest: Porridge Eaters
  • Least happy: Breakfast Skippers
  • Happily married:Porridge or Cooked Breakfasts Eaters
  • Sportsperson: Cooked Breakfast Eaters
  • Art and culture fans: Breakfast Bar Eaters
  • Hikers: Porridge Eaters
  • Clubbers: Muesli Eaters
  • Musicians: Cooked Breakfast Eaters
  • Gym Fans: Muesli Eaters
  • Bookworms:Toast Eaters
  • 4 x 4 drivers: Porridge Eaters
  • Sports car owners: Breakfast Bar Eaters