#MissionBreakfast with BritMums

Posted 29.01.2016 in Mums, Mission Breakfast

#MissionBreakfast with BritMums

Earlier this week we teamed up with BritMums for a Twitter chat all about breakfast. Here's a summary for of some of the hints, tips, recipes and ideas that were shared..

Create classics with a twist

1. Pancakes! I make them into cute shapes but add lots of berries so it’s healthy too @EmmaGarratt85

2. Love these twists on classics! https://t.co/kjCQYfJu3Z @BritMums

3. I often make healthy pancakes with wholemeal flour/coconut milk for my guys https://t.co/IMVTSfoeJD @maximka25

4. We keep breakfast interesting for kids by allowing them to assemble cereal (w/ fruits, toppings, pouring milk from a jug) @jhowze

Smoothie operators

5. Add seeds, nuts, oats or even peanut butter to a smoothie for breakfast on the go with extra protein! @Over_A_Cuppa

6. Weekend breakfasts are always more fun & I get the kids to help make them. Banana smoothies are our favourites @East_Devon_Mum

7. Working Mum with school runs leaves me little time for breakfast. I now make green smoothies every morning ‏@Carebear8bear

8. Overnight oats great for speedy breakfasts and smoothies @missielizzieb

9. Smoothies are fab as you can pop them in a flask and eat on the go @MyMillsBaby

smiley face porridge by @AnneDazell1

@AnneDalzell1 makes porridge with a smile

Perk up the porridge pot

10. A smiley face in the porridge always helps! https://t.co/f53H8agEi4 @AnneDalzell1

11. This time of the year, it’s all about the porridge! https://t.co/AsMped1NxO @missielizzieb

12. Porridge with soya or coconut milk adding cinnamon, fruits, chia seeds to keep it interesting @glendamhs

Savour the savoury

13. I “shake up my wake up” by having a good Full English at the weekends after a mile hike with the dog first. @shellywkd

14. Bubble and squeak makes a great breakfast, with a bit of bacon and saves throwing left over veg away and is very tasty! @mummabear99

15. When I was a teenager I had mushroom soup every morning, no idea why!Mum thought it was better than nothing! @sayhelloflo

clementine cakes for breakfast by @josea66

Feeling fruity

16. My little man loves banana pancakes! https://t.co/cBtWvaA1Ty @LAURAJSTONE

17. Homemade apricot scones for breakfast? https://t.co/2iN4djgdwZ @carndaisy

18. For a special breakfast I make Clementine cakes containing zest and juice of clementines https://t.co/salxjDNlhZ @josea66

19. We have fresh fruit, whole meal bread for toast and they even love homemade banana muffins @JAZZ_SHOESDANCE

The eggs factor

20. How to make a perfect poached egg! https://t.co/ARxijneIc6

21. Egg and bacon quiches. My grandsons love these for breakfast https://t.co/cFp3olKo64 @josea66

22. My weekend favourite is eggs benedict and can be done healthily https://t.co/D9DTmlGbFf @diddy_di50

23. I had corn and polenta fritters with a fried egg – was delicious @clarateddy

avocado on toast by @amodernmother

Toast and toppings

24. Avocado on toast is a super healthy option for https://t.co/1viyeiYvQ3 https://t.co/ifHq3Oat0Z @Made_With_Pink

25. Bananas on toast! sounds awful but its lovely especially with a little Nutella! @mummabear99

26. I’ve just gone back to our toastie maker – you can mix up your fillings and so easy to do https://t.co/Lz1cUHKODg @ikkle87

27. Most days we have muesli, coconut milk and fresh fruit. To break free we have a fried egg on toast!!

28. My favourite is smashed avocado on sourdough toast w/crumbled bacon & chili flakes! https://t.co/0YqHQFy6bJ @AModernMother

29. I used to chop bits of toast with apple for the kids to eat in the car if they refused breakfast. @emmfurn

Inspiration from different countries

30. Curry in Malaysia and vegetables in China when travelling, unusual but still tasty @mia_low

31. Not unusual, but nothing can beat hot chocolate croissants and fresh coffee sitting on a veranda in France @mummymuch

32. Most unusual and tasty breakfast black pudding with apple salad in Dublin @BrisonSharon

33. Hot chocolate and Churros in Spain. It’s not unusual just feels wrong starting the day that way! Yum though lol @hellebelly

34. I love holiday buffets because they tend to have local cured meats and cheeses @jhowze

Nichola Whitehead dietician

Image courtesy of Nichola Whitehead

Dietitian Nichola Whitehead’s (@NicsNutrition) tips and advice

35. I love porridge made with milk and topped with banana, berries and cinnamon!

36. Avocado on wholegrain toast, eggs, nuts & seeds on porridge and nut butter

37. Breakfast amount depends on the weight size & activity levels! If in doubt, add a yoghurt if child is still hungry after breakfast

38. Almond milk may not be best option for children due to protein and calcium levels

The last word

39. We plan evening meals. So do the same with breakfast also in our meal planning to stem the boredom @needaphone

Thank you to BritMums for hosting the Twitter chat and for providing the summary.