Make breakfast your New Year’s resolution

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Make breakfast your New Year’s resolution

Happy New Year everyone! If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably made all sorts of resolutions to be healthier in 2013. You may quickly find though that it can be very easy to fall off the bandwagon and stop those trips to the gym, or start reaching for that tempting chocolate bar – we’ve all been there!

One resolution though that really is easy to keep, but will make a huge difference to how you feel, is making time for breakfast.

Research shows that eating breakfast can make you healthier and happier. It can help maintain and boost energy and concentration levels and improve your mood. Eating breakfast regularly also means you are less likely to reach for an unhealthy snack mid-morning and studies have shown that breakfast eaters are less likely to be overweight than breakfast skippers - definitely a big incentive after the indulgence of Christmas! See the latest advice from independent dietician Nigel Denby on our Breakfast Nutrition page.

nigel Denby

Nigel Denby advises: “People who eat a healthy breakfast have better concentration, more energy, tend to be less stressed and are less likely to be overweight. Despite the wealth of evidence about the benefits of eating breakfast, it’s shocking to see so many people missing out and that a large number of people are unclear about the benefits. For those who don’t feel hungry in the morning there are plenty of light breakfast options, such as smoothies or a bowl of cereal. If you start your day with a healthy balanced meal you are also more likely to make healthier food choices for the rest of the day.”

So if you are guilty of skipping breakfast, why not take part in this year’sBreakfast Week Challenge so you can feel the benefits for yourself. Simply keep a record of what you eat for breakfast each day between the Monday (21 January) and Friday (25 January) of Farmhouse Breakfast Week and let us know the difference to how you feel. You can also win a luxury 5* break for two with accommodation and breakfast of course! Registrations are open now so sign up and we’ll send you a reminder before the week itself.

If you need inspiration to help get you going then why not check out our delicious breakfast recipes, ranging from light options for those who struggle to eat a lot first thing, to quick and easy breakfasts for anyone who likes extra time in bed!