For the Love of Breakfast

Posted 28.01.2015 in Awards

For the Love of Breakfast

…and our innovative breakfast award winner!

Our new research has shown that Brits think our breakfast is the best in the world (39%) and our love of breakfast means that a quarter of us seek out a brekkie that remind us of home when we’re on holiday abroad – are you one of those people?

It doesn’t stop there either, for some people breakfast is so important that 1 in 10 actually choose their hotel based on the breakfast that they offer! Others even go as far as bringing their favourite breakfast ingredients on holiday with them, so in with the sun cream and swimming costumes go cereal (one in seven people!) and one in twenty can’t go without their own marmalade or porridge oats.

So on that note of how much we all love our breakfasts, we’re proud to announce the last, but not least, winner of the Innovative Breakfast award category in the Best Breakfast Awards.

All hail, the “Full English Bunny” – a cooked breakfast that you can enjoy on the hop. Forget the plate and the knives and forks, this is a cooked breakfast served in a hollowed out brioche loaf (the bunny) so it’s perfect for enjoying on the go. Along with expert judge TV chef Phil Vickery, we chose the Full English Bunny because we’d never seen anything like it before. With more and more people looking for things they can eat quickly and on the move, we felt the Bunny was an ideal solution.

You can enjoy the Full English Bunny from Bunnychow based in London.

Right, all this talk is making us hungry. We’re off to enjoy some breakfast!