Breakfast Week Day 3 Round up

Posted 28.01.2014 in Breakfast Week

Breakfast Week Day 3 Round up

It’s day three of Farmhouse Breakfast Week and today we were in the radio studio with award winning dietitian and nutritionist, Azmina Govindji.

After a breakfast of her own, Azmina took part in a series of radio interviews with stations across the country, from BBC Tees and North Manchester FM through to MFR in Scotland, Downtown Radio in Northern Ireland and BRFM in Wales!

We were discussing our new research which shows that while breakfast is often cited as the most important meal of the day, 25% of people still skip breakfast at some point in the week. We also found that men are better at prioritising breakfast than women, who are more likely to do their hair and choose an outfit for the day than having something to eat in the morning.

Azmina was able to advise on some great quick and easy breakfast options which not only give you a good start to the day but also allow enough time for getting ready! If that sounds like you then she suggested a fortified breakfast cereal, peanut butter on toast with a banana, microwaveable porridge oats and oat based fruit smoothies as just some ideas.

We'll be putting a selection of the interviews online shortly.

She was also able to highlight some of the wonderful breakfast events taking place around the country this week.

Which brings us on to tomorrow, when we’ll be visiting the winner of the Most Innovative Breakfast in the UK from our Best Breakfast Awards. We’ll be giving the award to Tried & True Café in Putney for its fantastic sounding Pulled Pork Benedict, we’re looking forward to giving it a try tomorrow! We’ll also be delivering this delicious breakfast to the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Radio 2, Neil Fox at Magic FM and Charlie, Melvin and Rickie from Kiss FM so they can try it for themselves!

We’ll keep you posted on tomorrow’s activities!