7 ways to enjoy vegetables at breakfast

Posted 11.12.2015 in Recipes

7 ways to enjoy vegetables at breakfast

Breakfast is a great opportunity to include some of your five-a-day. Here's a few of our favourite options...

1. Breakfast Omelette Wraps

Watch as Vogue Williams cooks a brunch to impress...

2. Mushroom, Spinach and Egg Breakfast Bake

Recipe from Just Add Mushrooms, via Healthy Magazine

3. Scrambled Eggs on Wholegrain Toast and Wilted Spinach

Dietitian Nichola Whitehead's recipe to help with weight management

4. Beetroot Pancakes with Eggs and Bacon

Recipe from Love Beetroot, via Your Home Magazine

5. Green Breakfast Smoothie Everyone's favourite way of introducing more vegetables to their diet

6. Courgette Quinoa Waffles

A wholegrain choice from RoughMeasures.com

And finally...

7. Breakfast Salad

Yes you heard right... breakfast salad!

Isn't it time you started to rethink your breakfast choices?