7 breakfasts to keep the whole family happy

Posted 15.01.2016 in Kids, Recipes, Mums

7 breakfasts to keep the whole family happy

Sometimes it can seem difficult to keep the whole family happy at mealtimes. With these quick and tasty breakfast ideas that doesn't have to be the case...

1. Oat and Blueberry Muffins

2. Breakfast Scones

3. Prep ahead porridge

Jamie Oliver says: "Get experimental with your toppings and flavours the next morning for a quick and easy way to keep your kids’ breakfasts exciting!"

4. Cinnamon Crepes

These 'pancakes' from BBC Good Food our ideal for a family breakfast

5. Eggy Bread

Serve it with these fruit kebabs

6. Overnight Oats

There are loads of ways to enjoy these. This recipe from Mother and Baby uses peaches

7. Breakfast in a glass

These Breakfast Pots from Honest Mum look and taste fab.

If you need any more inspiration head over to our kid-friendly recipe page.